Salatul Estikhara (The misconception, how to pray it and what to expect from it)

So many people miss understand Salatul Estikharah and what is the purpose for it. Today I want to cover with you the important facts of Salatul Estikharah.

The purpose of Istikhara:

When you want to ask Allah SWT to guide you to the right path and grant you what is khair for you in dunia and Akherah.
So many of us ask our fellow humans for advice when we want to do something important in our lives like getting married or relocating or changing a job or buying a house…etc.
Estikhara is actually asking Allah SWT to guide you to what is khair, its good to ask those with life experience to give you advice but we are all humans and we do not know 3ilm Al Ghayb but asking Allah SWT is the best solution to any matter in our life.

How do you pray Istikhara:

Before you pray istikhara you must first decide what you want, e.g. if someone comes to propose to you, you must do all the necessary things you need to do to ask about him and once you have decided you want to consider this person that is when you pray istikharah.
So many people make the mistake of praying istikharah on two things when they have not yet made up their mind. Istikharah cannot be done for two things (if this or this) No. You must decide first what you want then you pray Istikharah and mention your issue whether it is a husband/Wife or a job or travel.

You pray two raka’as, you read Al Fatiha and Al Kafiroun in the first raka’a and Al Fatiha and Al Ekhlaas in the second raka’a. After tashahoud and salam you read the dua of Estikhara.

Dua’a Al Istikhara

اللهم إني استخيرك بعلمك واستقدرك بقدرتك وأسألك من فضلك العظيم فإنك تقدر ولا أقدر وتعلم ولا أعلم وأنت علاّم الغيوب

Allahumma inni astakhiru-ka bi-‘ilmi-ka wa astaqdiru-ka bi-qudrati-ka wa as’alu-ka min fadli-ka ‘l-‘atheem fa-inna-ka taqdiru wa la aqdiru wa ta’lamu wa la a’lamu wa Anta ‘Allamu ‘l-ghuyub :

O Allah, I ask You to show me what is best, through Your knowledge, and I ask You to empower me, through Your power, and I beg You to grant me Your tremendous favor, for You have power, while I am without power, and You have knowledge, while I am without knowledge, and You are the One who knows all things invisible.

اللهم ان كنت تعلم ان هذا الأمر (يذكر الأمر) خير لي في ديني ومغاشي وعاقبة أمري فأقدره لي ويسره لي ثم بارك لي فيه

Allahumma in kunta ta’lamu anna hadha ‘l-amra (You mention your matter e.g. marrying so and so) khairun li fi dini wa dunyaya wa akhirati wa ‘aqibati amri fa-‘qdir-hu li wa yassir-hu li thumma barik li fi-h :

O Allah, if You know that this matter is in the best interests of my religion, my life in this world, and my life in the Hereafter, and can yield successful results in both the short term and the long term, then make it possible for me and make it easy for me, and then bless me in it.

وإن كنت تعلم أن هذا الأمر شر لي في ديني وعاشي وعاقبة أمري فاصرفه عني واصرفني عنه واقدر لي الخير حيث كان ثم أرضني به

Wa in kunta ta’lamu anna hadha ‘l-amra (You mention your matter e.g. marrying so and so) sharroun li fi dini wa dunyaya wa akhirati wa ‘aqibati amri:fa- asrifhu a’ani wa-asrifni a’an-hou wa aqdir lial khairu haythu kaan thuma ardini behi

And if you know that this matter is not in the best interest of my religion, my life in this world and the hereafter, keep it away from me and keep me away from it and grant me what is khair for me and make me satisfied with it.

What to expect after Istikhara:

So many people believe a wrong myth that they will dream the answer. That is not true. When you pray istikhara you will not dream. Instead if that option is khair you will see everything moving so smooth and you will feel comfortable about it and if it’s not khair something major will happen which will change your mind and feelings towards it and Allah will ease your heart towards leaving this thing.

Important note:

If for example you decided to travel and when you went to the airport the flight was cancelled that does not mean your trip is not khair!! You must continue to plan for your trip, may be it was not khair on that specific day but don’t let this small hurdles stop you from moving forward. So many people make this mistake thinking that is a sign it’s not khair!!!

Another example you have already planned the wedding but last minute the owners of the wedding hall cancelled the booking for any reason!! That is not a sign that this marriage is not khair!! Its just a hurdle. Continue with your plans and set another date or look for another place. If it’s not khair and you already prayed istikharah it will not happen, something major will stop it and change your mind and Allah SWT will protect you and will grant you something better and sooth your heart..


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