Nifaq(Hypocrisy)The Hidden Enemy


This individual may be your brother,your cousin,your favorite aunt,or your friend next door,and yet you may not have the slightest clue of his/her dangerous harmful schemes..He will attack you with the most conniving weapons: his sweet,Loving speech,his fierce anger,his alluring lifestyle or his pleasing outward personality..He is a treacherous and wicked and his hidden enmity is worse than an announcing disbeliever is..He eats with you.laughs with you,lives with you and yet despises you and your deeds.He is Munafiq-a hypocrite- your worst enemy in disguise of a trusted Muslim brother/sister.

Wait a minute…..We forgot one likely victim of this deadly disease:YOU! Can we also belong to the list of the hypocrite?Do we also fill the above description?Be wary! We  may spend our lives thinking that we are true believers  but Allaah’s eyes,our deeds and our speech may makes us amongst the worst of people.May Allaah (SWT) protect us from such occurrence!

Despite being one of the most noble and closest companion of the holy Prophet(pbuh),Umar bin Al Khattab(RA) feared that he belonged to the list of Munafiqin.When he heard that Our Prophet(Pbuh) has disclosed names of the munafiqin to Hudhayfah Ibn al-Yamman,he rushed to him in anguish and asked “Am i in the list”? Hudhayfah did not reply.Umar (RA) asked again and yet again Hudhayfah did not respond.The third time Umar ( RA) asked,Hudhayfah replied”No, your name is not on the list of the Munafiqin and i will not release other names”On hearing his response,Umar(RA) was relieved.He had such immense we? We have not even acknowledged the straight path and yet we dream about going to Jannat-ul-Firdaus!Where is our fear?

Hasan Al Basri once said “A believer keeps himself away from all evil  or things that are forbidden by Allaah(SWT)?but still fears Nifaq”

Numerous verses in the Qur’an speaks about the traits of the fact Allaah(SWT) has named three surahs  on the three groups of people that exist: Muminoon,Munafiqoon,and Kafiroon. Surah Munafiqoon perfectly placed in the middle of the three as this group belongs to neither of the Muminoon(true believers) nor the Kafiroon(disbelievers)
“They are swaying between this and that,belonging neither to these nor to those;and he whom Allaah sends astray,you will not find for him a way to Islam” [Qur’an 4:143]
Their severe danger and harm to muslims is apparent as in the Qur’an, Allaah(SWT) has repeatedly described their schemes.For instance,in Surah Al-Baqara 13 ayat mentioned the traits of a munafiq wheres only two ayat claims the trait of kuffar and five ayats that of believers.
“Verily! The hupocrites will be in the lowest depths of the fire”[4:145]

★Nifaq is the disease of the heart….

“And behold!The hypocrites and those in whose heart is a disease say: Allaah and his messenger promise us nothing but delusion!”[33:12]

“But those in whose hearts are disease,it will add doubt to their doubts,and they will die in a state of unbelief.”[9:125]

“In their heart is a disease;and Allaah has increased their disease:and grievous is the chastisement they (incur) because they lied(to themselves).”[2:10]

Characteristics of a Munafiq(hypocrite) are as follows:
1)Liar: The most obvious sign of a hupocrite is lying…Dishonesty is sign of lack of good character,which in turn is due to lack of faith “In their hearts is a disease;and Allaah has increased their disease; any grievous is the chastitement they(incur because they lied(to themselves).”[2:10]….Most of us who claim to be ‘righteous’ lie with ease casually.Reveal on the amount of fabrication you uttered today and decide yourself whether you hold this evil trait. Hypocrite’s speech and actions contradict..”When the hypocrites come to us they say,’We bear witness that you are indeed the messenger of Allaah’.Allaah knows that you are indeed His messenger and Allaah bears witness that the hypocrites are indeed liars”.

2)Betrayer: When people trust a hypocrite with ab afair,he/she deceives and betrays them.”They (think to)deceive Allaah and those who believe,while they only deceive themselves,and perceive(it)not!”[2:9]

3)Quarrelsome of the opponents: “And of mankind there is he whose speech may please you(O Muhammad(pbuh),in this worldly life,and he calls Allaah to witness as to that which is in his heart,yet he is the most quarrelsome of the opponents”[2:204]

4)Promise Breaker: A hypocrite promises frequently,yet breaks them regularly with ease.One of the Munafiq signs that The Prophet(pbuh) mentioned was that whenever he promises,he breaks it..We should be extremely careful before we make a promise.If we do not think we can fulfill it then better not to commit in the first place!

5)Lethargic for Good Deeds: “And when they stand up for As-salat(the prayer)they stand with laziness”[4:142].A hypocrite clearly hears the adhan declaring success in both this world as well as the next and yet he remains oblivious and ignores the call untill the last minute.His mind is busy with the pomp and glitters of this world;his efforts used solely for seeking success in the business world etc…prayer and other acts of worship are minor concern in his mind.they are the lesser of his priorities.
The Prophet(Pbuh) said,”No prayer is harder for the hypocrites than the Fajr and the Isha prayers and if they knew the reward for these prayers at tgeir respective times,they would certainly present themselves(in the mosques)even if they had to crawl.” [Sahih Al-Bukhari]

6)Seeker of Peoples Approval:They are perhaps the life of the party,the centre of attention at all places and you will see them hungry for people’s approval and without it they feel worthless.

7)Shows Off Good Deeds: Infront of the righteous,a hypocrite will appear to be virtuous.He prays with concetration and humility,his charity is abundant and the rest of his deeds  are in accordance with the Islamic laws..Hence one is alone or in the company of disbelievers or other hypocrites,this individual will indulge himself in wrongdoings.All his righeteous deeds will be of no benefit as they were simply for peoples applause.

8)Remembers Allaah(SWT)Little:”…..and they do not remember Allaah but little.” Allaah’s remembrance does not occupy much of a hypocrite’s mind.He remembers Allaah but only on certain occasions.

9)Mocker of the righteous:”Those in sin used to laugh at those who believed,and whenever they passes by them,used to wink at each other(in mockery) and when they returned to their own people,they would return jesting; And whenever they saw them,they would say “behold!this are the people truly astray!”[83:29-32]….Hypocrites are interested in consuming the flesh of the righteous.Mockery,backbiting,slanders of the virtuous are a common part of their speech.

10)Ridicule of Allaah(SWT) and The Holy Prophet(pbuh)’s words: “If you ask them (about this),they declare:We were only talking idly and joking.” Say:”Was it Allaah(SWT) and His messenger(pbuh)that you were mocking?”[2:13]

11)Doubtfull in Allaah’s Sharia’h (Laws): Hypocrites ask the most weirdest and trivial questions about Islam.Why does islam permits this?why does islam forbids that? These matters show their weak faith and lack of yaqeen(certainity).However a believer seldom wastes time in such useless questions.He/She may not comprehend some matters but still surrenders himself,as they are commands from Ar-Rubb.the Lord of all the worlds.

12)Friends of Disbelievers.” Have you (O Muhammad(pbuh)not seem those (hypocrites) who takes as friends a people upon whom the wrath of Allaah (ie Jews)? They are neither of you(muslims)nor of them(Jews?…”[58:14]. They admire the lifestyle and luxury of disbelievers and look down upon the ways of muslims.If a conflict arises,They readily side with non Muslims and believe that victory is in their hands.

13)Frequently Swears: A hypocrite swears with ease using Allaah’s name as a tool to show his sincerity.An honest person does not need guarantees.

14)Spreads Evil:”When it is said to them make no mischief on earth”They say:”we are only ones that put things right.Out of surety they are the ones who make mischief,but they realize it not”[2:11-12]

“When he turns his back,his aim everywhere is to spread mischief through the earth and destroy crops and progeny,but Allaah loves not mischief”.[2:205]

15)Double-Faced: “….When they meet those who believe,they say:”we believe”but when they are alone with their shayatin(devils-polytheists,hypocrites),they say”Truly,we are with you;verily,we were but mocking.”[2:14]

Narrated Abu Huraira (RA):The Holy Prophet(pbuh)said,”The worst people before Allaah on the day of ressurection will be the double-faced people who appear to some people with one face and to other people with another face”.

16)Coward: If a war fought in the farthest corners of the world and they will be scared and terrified from it.They being scared and paranoid individual who “…think that every cry is against them”[63:4]
“They seek to hide themselves from the people but they cannot hide fr Allaah,while He is with them when they plot by night in words that He cannot approve:and Allaah compasses round all that they do.”[4:108]

17)Barrier to every good;platform for every evil:”The hypocrites,men and women,are one from another,they enjoin(on people) Al-Munkar(i.e.disbelif and polytheism of all kinds and all that islam has forbidden), and forbids(people)from Al-Ma’ruf(i.e Islamic monotheism and all the Islam orders one to do)..”[9:67].
“Thus they hinder(men) from the path of Allaah.Verily,evil is what they use to do.”[63:2]

18)Beautiful from outside,Hollow from inside:”When you look at them,their bodies please you;and when they speak,you listen to their words.They are as(worthless as hollow)pieces of timber propped up,(unable to stand on their own)they think that every cry is against them.”[63:4]. If you converse with them,you shall be awestruck by their vast sophisticated knowledge.Alternatavely,if you ask them anything about islam,they barely knows basics.They are like decorative piece of wood-their speech,their personality and their body may be pleasing but internally they are of no advantage to anyone.

19)Tongues as sharp as scissors: Allaah(SWT)says”…then when fear comes you will see them looking to you,their eyes revolving like one who faints from death: but when the fear is past,they smite you with sharp tongues,misery towards (spending anything in any)good (and only covetous of booty and wealth)” Surah Al-Ahzab[33:19]

20)Miser: “…and they close their hands[from giving(spending)in Allaah’s cause alms].” [9:67].

21)Arrogant: “And when it is said to them: Come,so that the messenger of Allaah may ask forgiveness from Allaah for you,they twist their heads,and you would see them turning away their faces in pride.” [63:5].


After reading about the major siffat of a Munafiq,can we confidently declare we are free from them? Some of these traits may seem harmless and insignificant to us,but they are the most hateful in the sight of Allaah(SWT).The decision is in your hands whether we choose to purify our souls from all the hupocritical traits or simply ignore them by misleading ourselves with the belief that we do not and cannot possibly belong to this wicked category.

Do not be fooled into thinking your piety today can save you from falling into this tracherous trap. There have been numerous examples in our lives as well as in the history of Islam where seemingly pious Muslims sold their faith and ended up as hypocrites/disbelivers. Whe should never feel secured that our faith will always be intact in this illusory world.Remember that eternal peace and serenity is merely inJannah whereas in this life there is constant struggle.We must soundly understand this fact so that our greatest enemy,Satan, cannot succeed in fooling us.

Ponder Upon
■The lifestyle and traits of your friends,family and relatives.
■Your own doings and shortcomings
■Do not be naive.This world is full of deceptions,hypocrisy and wickedness.Open your eyes and know your hidden enemies.Take heed and wake up before its too late.


Stop the disease of Nifaq before it kills your heart! It still not too late.Cure yourself today by sprinkling iman(faith) and taqwa(consious of Allaah(SWT) in your hearts. Clean your heart regularly with remembrance of Allaah(SWT),and by reading,pondering and acting upon the beautiful words of Allaah(SWT) and the wisdom of the Holy Prophet(pbuh).

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  1. MashaAllah.. ❤ Ya Allah help us become better Muslims in your eyes and protect us from Shaytaan and his evil deeds..

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