Ways To Boost Your Eemaan

Do you sometimes feel your Iman (faith) is getting weaker? Do you feel when you pray you cannot concentrate, you cannot have koushou3? You don’t feel like praying or read Qura’an? You read Qura’an without concentration?

And sometimes you find your iman stronger, you pray with koushou3 and you enjoy reading the Qura’an with focus and understanding, you do thikr and you are so motivated and happy when you do any form of worship.

You are not alone!!! We all go through these ups and downs phases. There are many reasons to that and once we know them we can help ourselves stay in the higher phase of Iman most of the time.
When you feel your iman is getting weaker make sure you do the following:

1. Go back with your memory and recall what have you been doing in the past few days? May be gossiped or watched too much T.V. and delayed your prayers or did not wake up to pray fajr or you are not giving sadaqa…etc.

Every time you do something which Allah doesn’t approve of, your heart gets covered with a layer which thickens with time until it weakens your Iman.

Allah SWT said in the Qura’an: (كلا بل ران على قلوبهم ما كانوا يكسبون ) (Nay! But on their hearts is the Ran (covering of sins and evil deeds) which they used to earn)

2. Sit down and recall Allah’s blessings on you…..your health, your children, your education, your rizq, you being a Muslim, you being better than millions, you being in a safe home instead of the street, you being warm instead of cold, you being able to pay sadaqa, you not needing to beg others for rizq and many many blessings which Allah grant you and is granting you every day. This should help you appreciate and say Alhamdulilah and see the ne3mah of Allah on you which will help you focus more and worship with appreciation.

3. Sit down and picture your death, lay down on the floor and close your eyes and imagine them undressing you, moving you from one side to the other washing you and there is nothing you can do, you can’t even cover yourself and your awrah, they have to do that instead.

The dress you are wearing which was once yours is not yours anymore and those shoes used to be yours but not anymore and the beautiful handbag which you used to love carrying is no longer yours……nothing is yours any more…they say it was hers or his…… just your deeds, just your sadaqa, just your prayer, just your thikr and just your words will be yours and you will take them with you. You moved from the phase of Amal and no hissab to the phase of hissab and no Amal.

4. Wake up at night just 40 min. before fajr, it is the time when Allah SWT comes to Sama’a dunia and calls: anyone is looking for maghfirah and I forgive him, anyone needs anything and I grant him….wake up and pray and talk to him, tell him how you feel….do istighfaar at that time so Allah can lift those layers which are weakening your iman and you will be written from those who do Qeyyamu Layl…. Just few minutes earlier than the time you always wake up and you get tons of ajr and maghfirah, how can you waste that time in sleeping!!?

5. Search the net (YouTube is full of beautiful lectures from different Sheikhs) or find a book and read about Islam or Iman or anything that will help you scrap those hard layers from your heart. You can also go to this website which has almost everything about Islam It really works for me so try it and you will not regret. Don’t just sit and feel bad about it, strive to better yourself and Allah will always open a door for you.

Iman is like a mizan (scale) it increases and decreases based on our daily deeds. It’s a constant battle but if you follow these techniques you will always be the winner Insha Allah. Don’t listen to the shaitan when he comes to you and tells you: you have been bad, how can you dare ask Allah for anything, you have no right to do so….!!!

That is his way to keep you away from dua’a and from Allah. He plays with you the game of guilt so you stop talking to Allah SWT and you stay away under the reason of guilt. Don’t give him the chance. Go back to Allah and ask him for tawfiq. May Allah guide us and keep us on the path of Iman until we die Ameen.


3 thoughts on “Ways To Boost Your Eemaan

  1. That’s some really splendid literature on building the Islamic faith. especially, the ways noted on how to strengthen imaan; I didn’t know about number four. Brilliant stuff.

  2. Mashallah very comprehensive and motivating

    I like the idea of waking up a little before fajr for tahajjud

    May Allah give me taufeeq to so Inshallah.

    Pls dont use caps lock,its difficult to read.

    Jzk Allah for efforts

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