Forgiveness After Death (PART TWO)

Today I will continue Part 2 of lecture about death.

If a person dies and he still has some sins left which he did not manage to erase, he will not be punished immediately, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala will give him more chances to erase his sins and go to Jannah in shaa Allah.

What are those chances?

The first chance
The prayer of Janazah.

A person dies and his grave is supposed to be a hole of fire because of the sins he committed in dunia but Subhana Allah, people stood behind him in the prayer of Janazah and started praying for him until Allah SWT forgave all his sins and turned his grave from a hole of fire to a garden from Jannah. Is this possible? ….Yes…. but HOW?

Make sure you pay attention to the prayer of your Janazah….but you will tell me how?
I will be dead by then?
How can I control anything then?
I will tell you: yes I know…..but if you do the following things in the dunia when you are alive, Allah SWT will make sure that your Janazah prayer will be a rescue and a cause of happiness for you in shaa Allah……
But before I tell you the things you need to do, I want you first to thank Allah SWT that he made you a Muslim and that he gave you this beautiful simple deen which makes a lot of sense in our lives. I have seen cultures and religions where people dance and sing in front of the dead or while carrying the dead to his grave, they do things which do not benefit the dead or help him but Alhamdulilah our deen teaches us how to help our fellow Muslim even when they are already dead. Alhamdulilah

If you want to benefit from the prayer of Janazah when people pray it for you, you need to do three things:

1. Make sure you pray janazah for your Muslim brothers and sisters in dunia so Allah SWT will send you people to pray for you when you die. For example if you are in a masjid or in the haram in Makkah or Madina and you heard a calling for the prayer of Janazah, you don’t have to wait to pray for that person if there are others who will pray…but…don’t be sad if people do the same to you when it your time and only few pray for you. Allah SWT is just; he will give you as much as you give.
Always remember that the prayer of Janazah is beneficial for you before it is for the dead. The Prophet PBUH said: (Whoever follows a janazah of a Muslim until praying for him/her out of faith and looking for thawab from Allah SWT, he/she will have a Qerat and whoever followed the janazah until the burial will have two Qerats of Ajr and thawab… people asked the Prophet PBUH: what is the two Qerat…. He answered PBUH: like to huge mountains….and in another narration it was said that each Qerat is like the mountain of Ohud.)
When ibn Omar heard the hadeeth he threw whatever that was on his hand and said we have wasted too many Qerats.

But be careful…!!! Be careful of the neyya in the prayer of Janazah….look what the hadeeth says whoever followed the janazah out of faith and looking for thawab……and not because he was with the people of the dead person at that time and he had to walk with them, or because everyone was praying and he felt embarrassed not to join so he had to …No…this person will not have the Qerats

2. The second thing you can do in dunia which will help your janazah, if someone from your friends or relatives died make sure to call people to come pray for his/her janazah until you have a certain number of people and that is 100 people or at least 40 people. The Prophet PBUH said: If a person prayed for his janazah 100, he/she will be forgiven and there is another hadeeth which says if a man dies and 40 believers pray for his janazah Allah will give him shafa’ah.

Now with all the technologies we have, you can reach so many people in a very short time to call them to pray for a janazah and as many people as you help gather to pray for the dead Allah SWT will gather for your janazah so many people to pray for you in shaa Allah.
Some of the pious who used to gather people to pray for the janazah of their fellow Muslims, Allah SWT made their janazah prayer in the Haram in Makkah or Madina and when?!! In one of the last ten days of Ramadan when the haram is packed with millions of people who will pray for them and that is out of the mercy of Allah for these pious men/women who used to call and gather people to pray Janazah.

3. The third thing you can do to prepare for your janazah, is to make your dua for the dead Mustajab in the prayer of Janazah…how? By doing the following two things:

a. Choosing the words in the dua, don’t overdo it and the best choice is the dua of the prophet PBUH. Aouf bin Malik said: the Prophet PBUH prayed for a Janazah and I memorized from him what he said:
اللهم اغفر له وارحمه وعافه واعفو عنه وأكرم نزله ووسع ودخله واغسله بالماء
والثلج والبرد ونقه من الخطايا كما ينقى الثوب الأبيض من الدنس وأبدله داراً خيراً من داره وأهلً خير من أهله وزوجاً خير من زوجه وأدخله الجنة وأعيذه من عذاب القبر و من عذاب النار

Allahuma Eghfir lahu, warham hu, wa Afei-hee, wa Afou Anhou, Wa Akrim Nuzulahu, Wa wasie3 mudkhalahu, Wa aghsil-hu bilma’a wal thalj wal barad, Wa naqeihi minal khataya kama youna’qaa Al thoub Al Abiyad minal danas, wa abdilhu daran khairan min dari-hee, wa Ahlan khairan min Ahli-hee, wa zawjan khairan min zawgi-hee, wa Adkhilhul Jannah, wa A3ith-hu min Athab Al Qabr wa min Athaab Al Naar.

You can either memorize this dua or other duas which the Prophet PBUH said or you can make your own dua.

b. To concentrate when you make the dua and not let your mind wonder around because if you make the dua while you are absent minded your dua will not be accepted and the dead person will miss a lot from the good of your dua…..and this is not from me, it is from the hadeeth of the Prophet PBUH when he said: You must know that Allah does not accept a dua from a heart that is absent. And remember If you make the dua for your fellow Muslim with full concentration Allah SWT will make the hearts of those who will pray for you on your Janazah fully alert and with full concentration in shaa Allah.

Finally know one thing, if you become a friend of someone, he or she will either pray for your Janazah or you will pray for theirs …so make sure to choose good friends who are pious who will pray for you with concentration and khoushou3 and Allah SWT will accept their dua in shaa Allah. Don’t choose friends who are corrupt or don’t even pray because those will not benefit you when you are alive neither when you die. So in short….when you choose your friends, you are actually choosing a big number of the lines who will stand behind you on your janazah prayer so choose well.

May Allah SWT forgive us and grant us hundreds of believers to stand and pray for our Janazah Ameen.
Inspired by a lecture from my favorite Sheikh,
Sheikh Mushari Al Kharraz in his program Ajmal Nathra


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