Today I want us to talk about a special guest. This guest visits each and every one of us. Most guests inform you that they are going to visit but not this guest!!! He just pops up, he doesn’t even knock the door! He may visit you while you are in your bedroom dressing up, in the car driving, on the phone gossiping about someone, he could come to you while you are praying or maybe you are reading Qura’an. He will visit while you are in a status of Taa3a or Ma3sia, it doesn’t matter to him. No one can stop this guest from his visit!!!

This guest is called: Malak Al Mout or the Angle of Death!! We will all see him on the top of our head just before our Rouh (spirit) comes out of our eyes. Before him we will see many angles, they could be white or black and suddenly we will see him!!! ……….How did you enter? Who are you? What do you want? What are you doing? Wait! wait! My kids are in the next room! Let me hug them, let me kiss them. Just a minute I just want to do one thing…..All these are questions and pleads from us to him….but he won’t listen; he won’t give you that chance….that’s when we know it’s over!!!

All the angles are scared of Malak Al Mout…!!! Most of the times he shows up without any further notice or symptoms….

If your life is all Taa3a (good deeds), he will come to you during Taa3a but if your life is all Ma3ssia (bad deeds) he will come to you during ma3ssia. I am attaching a video which captures the moments of his visit as reminder to all of us, take the moment before it is too late.

Remember the way he takes you is the way you are going to meet Allah SWT on the Day of Judgment…. So do you want to meet him SWT while dancing in a party or while looking at something haram or do you want to meet him while you are reading Qura’an or reading duaa or on sujud? It is indeed your choice.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geX9PZp8lnc&feature=related


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