A forbidden fruit but we still eat it!!! Islam forbade this fruit…it’s the fruit which so many people in our time love to eat and they created different recipes to eat it at any time, every time and everywhere…..!!! It’s the fruit that people enjoy in their free time and during their working hours too!!! … It’s a fruit which is eaten by the rich and the poor…. It’s a fruit which Allah …(God) forbade us in his book (The Qura’an) and described those who eat it like their eating the flesh of their dead brother or sister…. Our beloved prophet PBUH forbade us from eating it too……. I am sure by now you know what it is……… Yes … its Gossiping about others and talking behind their back….. Especially  women… so keen in eating this forbidden fruit…. I know it’s not easy for us to stop but it’s not impossible and here are the steps:

good news

1) Ask Allah (God) whenever you pray to help you stop this terrible habit.                             2) At the end of every day, when you lay on your bed, think, did I gossip about anyone today? if No Alhamdulilah u did it for that day. Take it one day at a time.                               3) make a list of all the people you gossiped about…..OMG it’s a long list!!!! but it will help you see the degree of your illness…. yes it’s an illness.                                                         4) Pray for all those you gossiped about, pray to Allah to forgive them and give them happiness. If you cannot do step three or you think it’s too much for you to do then skip to step 4 and pray to Allah and ask him to forgive all those who you gossiped about.               5) Finally, to make it easy share this plan or resolution or whatever you want to call it with all your family and friends..they might join you and you get reward for that but if they don’t they will try not to gossip in front of you because they know you will not entertain it and even if they do, you can remind them that you don’t want to listen and they won’t be offended. Let’s all stop eating the flesh of our brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity….

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